Cheating on my blog

No one could accuse me of being a prolific blogger, but I have a confession to make.

I’ve been giving my writing to another blog.

I know. I know. Neglect my own for months and then write for the hot young thing that gives me the opportunity?

Yup, that was me.

I’ve been guest reviewing YA lit for Someday My Printz Will Come over at School Library Journal. It all started with a recap of Macmillan’s Fall Preview back in May. But romance was blossoming and became full-fledged reviews with Titanic and Bomb a pair of nonfiction Printz contenders. I was not so in love with My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece (referring to it lazily as My Brother Lives on the Shelf once). My latest dalliance is a gushy, too-nerdy academic dissertation review on Adele Griffin’s All You Never Wanted. Hey, it’s a great book and I love to dig into some character analysis. You might as well put a sign on my head that says, “drama geek,” but that’s me.

It’s been good for me to write and force myself to review along Printz guidelines, but it’s hard stuff. I hope that I’m learning but I have to remind myself that it’s a process and not to try too hard to have it all figured it out right now. In time, I would love to be able to toss off great well-crafted and thoughtful reviews, but I need to hone my skills and frankly, I just need to write more.

So, late new year’s resolution/early birthday resolution: write more, write often, revise and have the courage to abandon a piece when it’s done.